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Long story short

Does it stress you out when you think about doing a task that you are simply not good at?

Do you really want to learn graphics programs? Or, keep up to date with WordPress and Facebook when software changes on a daily basis?

Are you tired of stumbling your way through the administration side of your business? Wrestling with it every week? Putting it at the end of that ever growing To Do List.

There is an answer.

Janis McAdoo assists people with getting results…and her passion is helping others succeed.

The task oriented lady loves to build things (and maintain them): Systems. Processes. Websites. Social media.

Many years in management at a corporate office and then at a small construction business taught her business skills to use in creating her own small business.

Naturally responsible and dependable—rock solid—founding Rocksteady Resolutions was a no-brainer and fulfilled her desire to come alongside small business owners who yearn for success and help them bring their vision to reality.

They say your niche finds you. Janis found that is true. The majority of her clients are indie authors. She spends her days creating and maintaining WordPress websites as well as managing social media accounts.

Away from the computer, she enjoys reading a good book, hanging out with a few furry friends, working outside in her garden, or bringing a piece of discarded furniture back to life—a DIY enthusiast! Janis was born and raised in Texas, and currently lives in a suburb just west of Dallas.

Be set free from the tasks you don’t enjoy doing. The ones you’re not good at. The ones you dread.

Increase your income potential.

Focus on what you do best.

We have all the right tools, let us Help You

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