Add a Featured Video to your Facebook Page

Videos are really hot on Facebook right now. You can select one of your videos to be Featured in your About section.

Here’s how.

Have you uploaded any videos yet? To get the most engagement, you want to upload them directly into Facebook. In my experience, the videos that are shared from YouTube or Instagram do not get shown to as many people as the videos loaded directly into Facebook.

When you load your video and hit post, you’ll have the option to Edit your Video. Select this so that you can add a title. Read through the other options for info to add as well.

To feature a video:

  • Go to More under your Cover Photo.
  • Click Videos
  • Click Add Featured Video

Now, pick the video you want to feature and select Add Featured Video.

Your video will now be on your timeline under your about section.

Hope you find this tip helpful!

Have an awesome day!


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