Have you added your Instagram Feed to your Facebook Page?

If you add custom tabs to your Facebook page, they are visible when your fans visit your page from a desktop computer. You can include your Instagram Feed, Twitter, you can even add custom tabs that link to your email signup by using an app such as Tabfoundry.

This tutorial covers how to add an Instagram Feed to your Fan Page.

  • Log on to Facebook
  • Log on to Instagram (you can open Instagram on a desktop, you just can’t post)
  • In the Search bar of Facebook, search for Instagram Feed Tab for Pages

A window will open that says Instagram Feed Tab for Pages would like to manage your pages. You have to click OK to be able to use the app.

Another window will appear that shows all the pages you manage. Select the page you want to connect to Instagram.

Then, Add Instagram Feed Tab.

Another window appears asking you to log in to Instagram. Then, Instagram Feed wants access to your basic info. Click Authorize.

You now have a Tab for your Instagram Feed.

To see it, look on your Page on the left in the Apps section. Or, click on More under your Facebook Cover photo.


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