Checking your Facebook Security Active Sessions

I recently found a tip on upping your Facebook Security by checking your Active Sessions.

In Facebook, click on the down arrow, scroll to settings. In the window that opens, click on Security.

Facebook Security Active Sessions Check

Where You’re Logged In

Towards the bottom, open the section called Where You’re Logged on. You can see devices that have recently logged on to your account.

Several devices may show, such as a desktop computer (could be a laptop as well), Smartphone, Messenger App or an Ipad.

Do you recognize all those logins?

In some instances, the login may be yours even though you don’t recognize it.

Facebook addressed various concerns in an article on Facebook Active Sessions. also noted some concerns in an article on Facebook Active Sessions.

Here are a few concerns listed:

  • Facebook does not have accurate information and they approximate the location.
  • You may have logged onto someone’s computer and didn’t log out (click to end the session).
  • Your mobile device login may have routed through an IP address that doesn’t actually reflect your location.
  • See something suspicious? It could be that someone has logged into your Facebook. Click to End Session (or Remove on mobile), then change your Facebook password.

Change Your Security Settings

If you look at the top of the Security area, you can increase your security.

  • Set up Login Notifications to receive an email message, text message or both, if your account is accessed from a device you have not used before.
  • Require Login Approval from unknown browsers. Facebook would send you a text message with a code to enable login.
  • Code Generator has two options. You can enable a Code Generator on your Android or Iphone. Or, you can set up a 3rd party app using a QR code.

You would need to have your phone accessible for Login Approval and Code Generator.

Do you have any tips on Facebook security you’d like to share? Please add them in the comments.

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