How To Copy and Paste into WordPress

Do you like to use Microsoft Word or another software to create your blog posts or page content so you can edit easier and use spell check? 

Have you copied and pasted that info into WordPress and ended up with a mess in your blog post or on your page?

That’s because there is hidden HTML in software like Microsoft Word! When you copy and paste, it inserts all the hidden HTML as well.

There is an easy way to avoid what you cannot see!

Use a middle man!

If you are on a PC, use Notepad. If a Mac, use Text Editor.

These programs will strip out all formating, including hidden HTML. 

  • Copy your information, paste it into Notepad or Text Editor. 
  • Then, copy from Notepad or Text Editor and paste into WordPress.

You will need to format your data once you have pasted it into WordPress.

Just a few extra steps will save you a major headache!

Do you have any tips that make blogging easier? Add them in the comments below.

Have an awesome day!


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