Use the new See First option to customize your Facebook News Feed


Facebook has just implemented a new feature that allows you to customize your newsfeed. If you would like to see posts from favorite people, pages or groups at the top of your newsfeed, you can now set that feature.

Here’s How To Customize your Facebook News Feed two different ways.

First option:

  • In your newsfeed, if you select a person, click on the Following button and select See First.
  • To set a favorite page to see it first, click on the page, then the Liked button. In the drop down, select See First.

A second option allows you to pull up all your friends, groups and pages and select the ones you would like to see first.

Go to the top bar where you see your new friend requests, messages and notifications button. To the right of the padlock, click on the down arrow.

You can also go to your mobile phone and click on the three bars next to notifications.

Scroll down to News Feed Preferences and click.

On the left, you can select

  • Summary
  • People
  • Pages
  • Groups
  • More

When you choose one, you’ll see two groupings.

  • Posts that you saw the most last week
  • Alphabetical listing

In the Summary, you can also see people you have previously unfollowed.

As you look at the alphabetical list, did you see some friends or favorite pages that you haven’t seen posts from in a while?

It was a quick process to add my favorite people and favorite pages to the top of my news feed by selecting See First.

Have any competitors you want to keep up with? Add them to the top of your news feed!

For info on 5 more Facebook features, check out this article from Social Media Examiner:

Have a great day!

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