Is your Facebook Page linked to your Facebook Profile?

Make it easy for visitors to see your page from your profile and click to Like it by linking them together.

Do you have more than one page? Use this tutorial to link all your pages to your profile.

Here’s a quick video to show you how:

Here’s how you link them:

  • Open up your Facebook Personal Profile.
  • Look at your About section on the left.
  • You’ll see your Work History in the first part.

You can tell if your page is correctly linked by hovering over it – you’ll either see your page or a suitcase.

If you see a Suitcase, your profile is linked to a page that doesn’t exist. You would not want your visitors to think it is a real page and Like it.

Here’s how you correct it:

  • Click on the pencil to edit your Work history.
  • Go to Options to the right of it.
  • In the drop down area, click Delete.

To add a Link to your Page, you will Add a New Workplace.

  • Click on the + sign or the Add a Workplace link, a form will appear.
  • In the Company box, start typing your Page. It will populate.
  • Now, your page will be correctly linked.

The form contains Other fields you can fill in, such as Position, City/Town, Description, Time Period.

When you’ve made your changes and additions, click Save Changes.

At that point, you may see another pop up that asks about other people who have worked there. Just cancel that.

Now, you will get an option to either share the change as a post, or not.

If you have multiple pages, you can link all of them to your profile by Adding a Workplace for each one.

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Thank you and have an awesome day!

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