Featuring a Post on your Facebook Page

Do you have a post that you would like to feature on your Facebook Page?

It’s easy to do. You would use the feature: Pin To Top. Here’s how you do it:

Pin a Post on Facebook Page

  • Scroll down to the post you want to feature.
  • In upper right hand corner of post, click on down arrow.
  • Select Pin To Top.

The Featured Post will be moved to the top of your page and an orange flag will be added to the right hand corner.

The post will be pinned and featured for seven days or until you “unpin” it.

To Unpin Your Post

  • Click on down arrow in top right hand corner.
  • Click Unpin.

The post will move back to its original place according to date/time of posting.

Types of Posts to Pin and Feature

You would want to pin posts that you want to feature.

Are you promoting an Event on Facebook? Pin your event to the top.

Have you posted about your Email Signup and Free Offer?

How about a Milestone for your page? Have you reached a certain number of fans and you want to feature the accomplishment?

Are you promoting a product like a book or a webinar?

Do you have a post that your fans are engaging with?

Those are all posts that you could pin and feature at the top of your page.

Here’s a quick video to demonstrate:

I hope this information was helpful.

If you have any comments or would like to learn about other Facebook Features, please leave a comment below!

Have an awesome day!


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