Stand Up!

I was just looking at a Michael Hyatt article about why sitting is killing you. Come to think of it, my back is especially sore today because of the number of hours I spent sitting incorrectly the past few days.

This infographic from is amazing!

Sitting is killing you infographic


I realized that I’m most guilty of the way I sit in my chair.  I sit at the 70 degree angle – leaning forward, especially if I’m intent on looking at my computer screen. I’m reminded to change and that’s always a good thing!

1. Change your posture! Sit at the 135 degree angle – leaning backwards instead of forwards. This places less strain on your back and hips. Have you ever noticed that tingly feeling in your legs? That’s from cutting off the circulation from leaning forward!

And, when you throw your back out of alignment, it takes a few chiropractor visits to get you back in line. Standup desks are cheap in comparison to doctor visits!

If you do sit at your desk, don’t lean on your elbows! Check out the posture of the blonde in the picture. Leaning forward, resting on her elbows. Or, I should say, pinching the nerves in her elbows! It’s not easy to recover from pinched nerves!

2. Try a standing desk! There are so many standing desks on the market these days. I have an adjustable bedside table that is perfect for me. You could even purchase shelves for your current desk for a make shift standup desk.

3. Move more! If you can’t remember to get up and move, set a timer. It’s bad for your whole body, including your eyes, to stay in the same spot without moving. Take every opportunity to move – take the stairs, stretch, do some exercises. And, when you’re not working, move as much as you can!

I’m thankful for these two articles and being reminded to stop sitting so much.

From Michael Hyatt Why Sitting is Killing You.

From Why You Should Spend $22 On An Ikea Standing Desk

Have an awesome day! Remember – get up and move! 

Yes, I did type this while standing at my standup desk!

What do you find helpful to combat the “sitting disease”?


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